Hotmail: Insert signature automatically

You can automatically insert a signature for each e-mail sent from your Hotmail address. We will show you how.

Insert Hotmail signature

You add a signature through the Outlook interface during install:

  1. Login Hotmail account interface online.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select ‘Options ‘.
  3. In the interface Options appear on the left, select Email Singnature (email signature) in the folder Layout.
  4. At the next Hotmail signature interface, these tools help users can create their own signature as Word format, alignment or insert images into Word up.
    You will see there are 2 squares with 2 Optional signature in a new message and mail forwarding or reply. Analysis on 2 boxes and click Save to save changes.
  5. So, you have completed the steps to create a signature on Hotmail. Every time you send a message, the signature will appear automatically the end message. If do not want to use a signature, you can also delete them.