How to block email in Hotmail

In the process of using email, it is not uncommon to receive spam. And Hotmaill is no exception. Spam emails occupy a lot of free space on your inbox, affecting the process of using Hotmail. Deleting each spam email will take time and effort. In this article, Network Administrator will guide you how to block any e-mail in Hotmail with very simple operation.

How to block email in Hotmail

Step 1:

You need to sign in Hotmail account.

Step 2:

At the main interface of Hotmail, click on the aliasing icon and select Options.

Step 3:

After the menu bar on the left, we expand the directory to the following path: Mail> Junk Email> Blocked senders.

Step 4:

In the interface to the right, enter Email address want to block and click the plus icon next to.
Step 5:

select Save to save the set of blocked emails in Hotmail.

Step 6:

To delete email from blocked list, you select the email and click on the trash icon to Remove. Also want to clear the entire list of blocked email, then select Discard.

As such, you can be assured your Hotmail will not continue to be spam by the strange email again by simple block.